The Salescadence Podcast with Chris Murray - Being Extremely Successful At Selling

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About This Episode

The Salescadence Podcast is where the Sales Professional and the Entrepreneur meet. If, like me, you believe that everyone's in sales, we're all selling something, then these episodes will inspire and motivate you to help more people buy what you sell - enjoy!

On this episode, Chris Murray, Author, Speaker and Managing Director of Varda Kreuz Sales Training, joins the podcast. Named in LinkedIn’s top 40 Global Sales Experts to follow, a much sought-after keynote speaker and a perfect guest for the show.

Chris shares his thoughts, ideas and advice on how to avoid being any other than extremely successful at selling.

It’s a subject matter that Chris is passionate about having spent all of his career in the sales industry, but like so many, failed to truly understand what selling really is until he reached his thirties – namely that to be really good at selling, you need to be even better at helping the customer.

- We talk about learning his trade, selling in the high-profile drinks industry.

- We look at Chris’s passion for writing and discuss his bestselling books.

- He shares his acronym EASE and explains what it’s fundamental to his work training others.

As you’d expect this is an episode packed full of humour, engaging stories and insights and valuable advice from a true sales professional – from a personal perspective, this is one of my favourite guest interviews and one every sales professional should enjoy.

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