Implementing HRM & Innovation: The role of Managers Part 2

Our recent PrOPEL Hub Masterclass, chaired by Professor Colin Lindsay, explores theory and practice on the key role of line managers in encouraging workplace innovation and employee engagement. Colin is joined by Dr Anna Bos Nehles from the University of Twente and Liz Reilly and Suzanne Thomas from the Scottish Government/ NHSScotland who provide actionable takeaways from the latest research and lived experience. 

You can view Part 1 of the Masterclass here

In part 2, Anna starts by outlining the concept of workplace innovation and why it is so crucial for businesses in driving growth. She emphasises that with the right tools and techniques, any organisation can innovate to address a problem or seize an opportunity and improve their competitiveness.

She sets out the essential stages of the workplace innovation process, from idea generation to idea realisation, and highlights the need for supporters and investors within the organisation to provide momentum.

Anna provides an overview of different HRM levers and their effectiveness in encouraging innovative workplace behaviour. She also cautions on common pitfalls in implementation. Anna then stresses the important role of line managers in the implementation of HRM policies and practices and innovative ideas within an organisation. 

Anna Bos-Nehles is an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Twente. For more from Anna check out:

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