Success Measurements: Joe Mills, The Tree Academy

Wherever you are in the world things are likely to be tough with the COVID-19 restrictions you’re living under. In the UK we’re still in Lockdown #3, which has for many felt like the most challenging.

Noticing a distinct difference in the concerns people were raising with me, across the landscape of business and into personal lives, I decided to create these key theme videos to help as much as I can.

Each day we use measurements in our lives, those different types of evidence we continually gather to determine how ‘successful’, happy, satisfied or fulfilled we feel, and if we’ve achieved what we intended to.

I hope after watching this you’ll feel inspired to Zoom In and Re-Focus on an area of your life, so your measurements reflect the life you have now and what you would like to create for your future.

A huge thank you again to Lightweight Media for being so brilliant to work with on this project.

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