Recovery Programme | How to Build an Online Community with Social Media

In unprecedented times, the importance of community, be it in the physical world or online, has never been more important. With increasing numbers of consumers now scrolling through their social media more, and using social media and online channels to choose where they shop. It’s vital that brands deliver a positive experience and engage with their customers online, and take the opportunity to develop that relationship with their customers.

This session explores how you can build relationships and start conversations with your customers to develop an active and engaged social media community within both the B2B and B2C industries. This in turn will help you to turn your social media followers into customers and keep them interested and invested in your brand, product or service.

Building your social media presence and community will strengthen your brand, build trust with customers and help you to continue to do business even through these turbulent times. This session will inspire you to harness the power of social media and arm you with tips and tricks to executive more effective, engaging and successful social media strategies by focusing on your customers and building your online community.

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