Salescadence Podcast with Matt Sykes: Niraj Kapur - Sales Skills are Life Skills

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The Salescadence Podcast is where the Sales Professional and the Entrepreneur meet. If, like me, you believe that everyone's in sales, we're all selling something, then these episodes will inspire and motivate you to help more people buy what you sell - enjoy!

On this episode, Niraj Kapur, Sales Trainer and Coach, shares his take on the world of sales and what drove him to write two ‘bestselling’ books.

Talent only gets you so far in life and whilst it’s clearly a key part of achieving success, being able to bounce back from failure and be persistent in getting after your goals is what counts even more and Niraj has seen all of it during his distinguished sales career.

In this issue he shares past sales experiences from corporate life and why he turned his passion for selling into a successful training business.

During this podcast, Niraj shares his thoughts and experiences around five of the 27 ‘Life Lessons’ in his best-selling book, Everybody Works in Sales.

This is an episode packed full of personality, stories and valuable advice from a true sales professional turned sales trainer and coach – if you’re a believer that people really do buy people, then this podcast is definitely for you!

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