Essential Recipes: Mortgages with Kate Leys

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This episode of the Your Recipe for Financial Success podcast was published on 9th August 2021. You can listen again by heading to our Episodes page, or on your favourite podcast player.

Today Emma is joined by special guest Kate Leys. Kate is a Mortgage & Protection Adviser, helping clients ranging from hand holding first time buyers purchase their first home, through to supporting developers secure the appropriate finance for their next project, ensuring adequate insurances are in place for peace of mind. Kate has been in the industry for 20 years, her background of working for a specialist lender, brokerage and a local building society as Head of Mortgages, sets her in a strong position to always look at the bigger picture and find a solution. Kate is on a journey herself, transitioning to the world of self-employment, enjoying the flexibility of work and family life balance.

In today’s episode Emma and Kate discuss all things mortgages.

Kate’s Top Tips

For a first time buyer:

  • Make sure you keep an eye on your credit score. Use Experian or Equifax.
  • Save save save!
  • Make sure you aren’t going over your overdrafts, and if you have credit cards make sure they are paid on time.

If you are self employed:

  • Not all lenders use the same criteria, so if one lender wont offer you a mortgage based on your tax returns, another may offer a mortgage on your net profits after corporation tax plus salary.