The Salescadence Podcast - Can a Podcast Really Grow Your Sales?

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The Salescadence Podcast is where the Sales Professional and the Entrepreneur meet. If, like me, you believe that everyone's in sales, we're all selling something, then these episodes will inspire and motivate you to help more people buy what you sell - enjoy!

On this episode, Rob Lawrence, Podcast Producer and Audio Content Strategist shares his insights into why someone would want to have their own podcast to create sales.

Podcasting is all about joining the conversation and going in inside the listeners head. A podcast can be a really effective way to promote your brand and develop relationships with potential future prospects.

During this podcast, Rob offers advice on how to start a podcast and guides us away from some of the common pitfall’s and mistakes many aspiring podcasters encounter plus:

• Seeing your podcast as an asset which builds into a library of ‘on demand’ content.

• How advancements in AI are converting the audio into a searchable transcribe – improving SEO

• The importance of not making your listener think too much – a great episode flows.

• Making sure you have a clear call to action

This is an episode packed full of valuable tips and actionable strategies from a true expert – if you’re thinking about sharing what you know with the world, this podcast is definitely one for you!


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