Salescadence Podcast - Angie Atkinson - Why Recruiters Get A Bad Rap

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On this episode, Angie Atkinson, co-Founder and Director of Atkinson Moss, shares her insights into why the recruitment industry can sometimes get a bad rap.

Angie also shares her knowledge and advice for those looking to either change jobs or for those preparing for interviews.

Recruitment is a profession that can be seen in two specific lights:

Firstly, an insensitive numbers game, where hard-sell and closing the deal is all that matters;

Then there’s the value and benefit that it brings by placing candidates in ideal roles that can be positively life-changing.

During this podcast episode, host Matt Sykes and Angie Atkinson take a look at:

• The ‘darker-side’ of recruitment and some of the reasons why this shouldn’t be the case.

• The importance of understanding the human factors of placing candidates and why this is becoming even more critical today.

• How to prepare a solid CV and position yourself in the best possible light when applying for roles.

This is an episode packed full of valuable tips and actionable strategies from a true expert – if you’re thinking about changing your job, this podcast is definitely worth a listen!

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