Essential Recipes: Money and Relationships

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This episode of the Your Recipe for Financial Success podcast was first published on 11th February 2021. You can listen again by heading to our Episodes page, or on your favourite podcast player.

Money and Relationships

Today we are joined by Guest Baker, Deb Morgan. Deb the REAL Relationships Expert, is a speaker, podcaster, coach and author. She knows a thing or two about the wrong relationships. She also knows what it takes to create strong, healthy and robust relationships.

So, we thought, who better to come on the podcast and chat all things money and relationships than Deb?

Money can be a bit of a taboo subject and whilst some banking adverts are encouraging us to talk about money, it can still be a bit of a tricky subject. Talking about money can be especially difficult if you are finding that your finances are all whipped up.

Deb often comes across couples who are suffering from a strain to their relationship because of money issues. Typically, unspoken about issues!

Here are Deb’s most important things to remember when dealing with money in your relationship:

  • Never under estimate your worth. Even if you don’t bring in as much money to the household you may be making other valuable contributions that you’ve never considered
  • The problem you are facing in your relationship is often only a symptom of a bigger issue. There is usually something more lurking in the background which you or your partner need to talk about
  • Our past and our history is part of our programming, it’s deep rooted within us. Quite often you won’t realise it has any impact but subliminally it is there and can become visible in ways you wouldn’t necessarily expect
  • Be honest with yourself as well as whoever you are in a relationship with
  • When both people in the relationship have different spending habits it’s important to have joint goals to work towards together, that you are both contributing to. Do your goals, objectives and dreams align?
  • A partner isn’t just there for financial support, they are also there for emotional support. Emotional support is often underestimated so talk – be open and honest!

Remember, you have to crack a few eggs to make a cake. A few difficult conversations to start with can lead to a much happier, healthier and robust relationship.