The Salescadence Podcast with Nic Rixon - How To Close a £1.6m Deal With Just One Question

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About This Episode

The Salescadence Podcast is where the Sales Professional and the Entrepreneur meet. If, like me, you believe that everyone's in sales, we're all selling something, then these episodes will inspire and motivate you to help more people buy what you sell - enjoy!

On this episode, Nic Rixon, Founder, and CEO at SGFE, shares his advice and knowledge from a twenty-year career spent helping mid-tier organisations grow their sales, scale-up, and exit.

This is a fascinating discussion with a highly respected business coach, who has worked alongside personal development icons such as Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie and Tony Robbins during his career.

During this podcast, Nic explains what happened when he closed a £1.6m coaching deal over lunch with just one question and one statement.

He also shares advice on:

• The importance of positioning and its impact on ‘pre-selling’ an organisation at the start of a sale

• Why ‘the salesman’s silence’ is often

misunderstood, but is so important when helping people buy

• What the phrase ‘people buy emotionally and justify rationally’ really means and how to leverage it

This is an episode packed full of valuable tips and actionable strategies from a true expert – get a paper and pen, this podcast is definitely one you’ll want to listen to more than once!

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