Managing Customer Expectation: Top Ten Tips for a Sensational 2022


These top ten tips are not rocket science, but they will put a rocket in your profit and make 2022 a truly sensational year for you and your business.

Top tip #2 is all about managing customer expectation. It’s based on the old saying

You must under promise and over deliver

This is not a ploy to fool your customers. It is about managing the expectation your customers have about you, your products and your services.

Your task?

To surprise and delight your customers by exceeding their expectations.

Why Managing Customer Expectation Gives You a Competitive Edge

Many businesses think that to compete with their more successful, or more long-established competitors, they have to promise their customers that they will beat prices, deadlines etc.

It is important to understand that not all customers are driven by cost and speed.

Most customers rate the quality of a product or service, and the feeling of being cared for, understood and nurtured, over cost and speed.

The Outcomes of Over Promising and Under Delivering?

What happens to customer perception of your business if you fails to deliver and all the promises you made are not met?

Well, to put it simple, those customers will tell their friends and – more importantly – people they don’t even know.


Word of mouth and online reviews.

When was the last time you booked a hotel or visited a new restaurant without checking the online reviews?

I know I can’t remember the last time I just booked something without checking.

The old saying was ‘give great service they will tell 10; give bad service they will tell 100’. Now add social media and review sites into that mix the ‘tell 100’ can very easily become ‘tell 100,000’

Perhaps the ‘under promise’ should be more ‘realistically promise’ and the ‘over deliver’ could be ‘exceed expectations’?

Next Steps?

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