Wellbeing in the Workplace

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week

From developing a resilient mindset, to building workplace wellbeing for now and future generations, why not spend your Knowledge Hour this week nurturing your and your employee’s mental health?

We all know the importance of taking time out of the working week to take care of our mental health – but how many of us actually do it?

Here at Norfolk Chambers we are encouraging all businesses to spend just 1 hour a week learning something new, which can help you and your employees help their mental wellbeing and support your business growth. We would like our campaign #KnowledgeHour to be implemented by businesses far and wide – and Norfolk businesses can lead in this charge.

There are many learning and development resources on the Norfolk Knowledge Hub, a digital learning hub that is free to use, free to share your content and gives you uninterrupted videos, podcasts and articles (there is no danger of pop up ads here!) so that you can easily spend 1 hour a week on your wellbeing and professional development.

Here are our top 5 Knowledge Hour videos and articles to start you on your journey to implementing wellbeing in the workplace:

Recovery Programme – Developing a Resilient Mindset – Ask the Expert

A resilient skillset is now, more than ever, considered one of the most important areas in which we can develop. Many people are now referring to resilience as a ‘must-have’. In this video by learning and development providers Turning Factor, you can learn all the skills required to be able to persevere, learn from our perceived failures, maintain motivation and perspective.

Watch now: Recovery Programme | Developing a Resilient Mindset - Ask the Expert | Norfolk Knowledge Hub

Job quality matters – building workplace wellbeing and engagement into the new normal

How can you build wellbeing and engagement in your business? In this video Dr Helen Fitzhugh and Professor Kevin Daniels from the UEA, and Professor Colin Lindsay from the University of Strathclyde discuss how focusing on job quality can help businesses and workers be ready to tackle new challenges. You will come away with evidence-based insight and guidance on the importance of employee engagement and wellbeing for productivity, performance and innovation in business.

Watch now: Job quality matters - building workplace wellbeing and engagement into the new normal | Norfolk Knowledge Hub


Success Measurements: Joe Mills, The Tree Academy

Each day we use measurements in our lives, those different types of evidence we continually gather to determine how ‘successful’, ‘happy’, ‘satisfied’ or ‘fulfilled’ we feel, and if we’ve achieved what we have attended to. In this video Joe Mills from The Tree Academy looks at these measurements to help you set metrics that reflect the life you have now and what you would like to create for your future.

Watch now: Success Measurements: Joe Mills, The Tree Academy | Norfolk Knowledge Hub


Reaping the Benefits of Rest & Relaxation – Compass Discovery

We all look to achieve that work/life balance right? In this article Compass Discovery talk about their top tips on how we can all achieve this, referencing neuroscientific studies that confirm that an increase of alpha brainwaves through the process of quiet contemplation and meditation can reduce depressive symptoms and increase creative thinking.

Read now: Reaping the Benefits of Rest & Relaxation | Norfolk Knowledge Hub


Turning Factor: Emotional Intelligence

Our ability to manage our own emotions and recognise and influence the emotions of others is fundamental in our ability to lead and manage successfully. In this video learning and development providers Turning Factor shows you how to harness the positive and manage the negative, helping you manage emotions in the workplace.

Watch now: Turning Factor: Emotional Intelligence | Norfolk Knowledge Hub


You can discover more videos, podcasts and articles for your Knowledge Hour over on the Norfolk Knowledge Hub www.norfolkknowl