MHA Larking Gowen Case Study

Blakes Self Loading Vehicles Limited

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The client

We would visit the offices of Blakes Self Loading Vehicles for a day each month in order to process their previous month’s data. Although this system resulted in them being one month behind with their cash flow and debtors’ and creditors’ positions, the clients were reluctant to move away from the monthly visit. However, with travel restrictions in place and potential risks in transferring physical documents, they agreed to move to cloud accounting.

Key highlights

Within the space of 24 hours of the first initial phone call, the books were completely up to date and we provided the client with the supplier payment list we normally provide, debtors positions and an up to date profit and loss.

Our role

The plan was for all documentation to be processed through receipt bank.

We set the client up and talked him through the process providing support on how to use the mobile app/email address to send the documentation as it was received to receipt bank.

With the help of automation, some documents are automatically published to QuickBooks whilst others are tackled daily and added into the books. At this stage, we can clarify points as needed.

The client now sends through remittances, statements, invoices and any other type of documentation, even if it’s just to be stored digitally.


The books are the healthiest they’ve ever been and we’ve reduced weekly supplier payments to fortnightly payments rather than weekly, simply by holding onto our cash for a slightly longer period of time in these circumstances. We’ve had daily exchanges on most days and we’ve also helped spot invoices that should have be credited to us on the same day.

John, director, said, "I’m more than happy with the way we’re managing the accounts with the daily bookkeeping. Ryan has been brilliant and the accounts are accurate daily now instead of monthly. I don’t see a need for Ryan to have to come out to our offices anymore as it’s working so well."

Ryan Ebbage, cloud services specialist, said, "This shows just how easy it is to give proactive advice and support in testing times. We have brief email exchanges or phone calls throughout the week, helping and advising on different supplier accounts, confident that we are in an up to date position."

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