Protect your business cashflow by paying your VAT or Corporation Tax bill monthly

Credo Asset Finance

In both your personal and business lives you’re used to paying for things monthly. Whether it’s your commercial or home mortgage, heating and lighting, business or home insurance, car finance, business equipment, wages – you naturally do this to protect your cash-flow.

It also means that you can manage your outgoings effectively, with (hopefully) no real nasty surprises or large bills to settle.

It’s that sort of management that means you’re always one step ahead when it comes to managing cashflow and budgets.

So why do you wait for a large bill, either once a quarter or annually, for your VAT or Corporation Tax?

More and more businesses are spreading the cost with specialist loans designed to reduce the impact on your cash-flow when these bills hit. By doing this monthly and on a rolling programme, you won’t have a large bill at all during the year – it will be split out, and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying.

Talk to us here at Credo today to find out how easy it is to spread the impact of your VAT or Corporation Tax bill.

  • Swift decision-making*
  • Spread the cost over 3-12 months
  • Competitive Interest rates**

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