Manufacturing your own Efficiency

Brian Bush - Business Growth Specialist

In the world of software we love a problem. To be honest the more complex it is the more we like it. Not because we are nasty people who relish in the misfortune of others, it is simply the fact that a problem has a solution. Find that and the problem becomes an efficiency. We operate in the very real world of saving money and making money. 

Software is what is used to solve the problem once the problem has been fully investigated and understood. Take for example a recent project which is by no means unusual

Client X had some problems and the problems were costing them a lot of money. Now the client had become used to this so, to a certain extent, this was the expensive status quo that they lived with. They had spoken with some large enterprise software companies in the past and the quotes were frightening and involved business wide system replacement. 

We met them and discussed the options that were available with their exisiting systems and the opportunity to develop software that connected their best of breed individual platforms and made their process seamless and not clunky as it was. The cost was fractional compared to previous market reviews and solved more problems than they were considering with system wide changes. 

Not only do we really enjoy this work at Purple Tuesday we are also very good at it. We experience a lot of organisations that need efficiency through software that either cannot find or cannot afford the solution that is holding them back. We can also fund projects too so even spending hard earned capital needn’t be a barrier to progression. 

There are countless examples of bespoke solutions that can be developed to drive efficiency in manufacturing organisations. A likely pinch point is where a system has a break in it where human intervention is required which may feature between a factory line, a CRM, an accounting system point of sale and so on. 

Your problem may not be such a big issue after all and it may only take you a chat and a tea to discuss that. 

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